Our data portal provides access to aggregated Smartline data which has been collected via environmental sensors placed in homes across Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth

In total we are working with approximately 300 Coastline Housing customers in the Camborne, Pool, Illogan and Redruth (CPIR) area of Cornwall and we have fitted environmental sensors into each of the homes.

Sensors are collecting information on air quality, humidity, temperature, how much water is used, how air moves around different types of houses and how much energy it takes to heat them. In addition, participants will be asked to take part in surveys to help us understand their wellbeing needs, aspirations and desires for their community.

The sensors have been provided by Invisible Systems and they provide the method for our participants to access their own data through the Invisible System platform. This allows our participants to learn about their internal environment and adapt their behaviours to improve the results they see through the portal.

UrbanTide have been contracted to supply a platform (USMART) that will securely store, integrate and share any type of dataset, including real-time data. USMART will act as a central hub, managing all the data assets for the Smartline project.

Access for businesses

Using the USMART portal it is possible to access the data on average temperature, humidity, air quality, and utility usage. You will be able to compare properties that have varying numbers of people living in a home and the impact that can have on the energy usage, or the temperature and air quality of the home.

It will also be possible to compare households based on the age of a person living in the property, does the age of person alter the average temperature in a home.

The aim of the portal is to provide an initial flavour of the data collected, as it scratches the surface of the wealth of data collected as part of Smartline, and invite prospective businesses to engage with the project to interrogate the data in more detail, and find out what additional data we can supply.

The images below show the data visualisations that will soon be available.

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