New money management app needs you

Smartline is looking for participants who use iPads or Smartphones to take part in “usability” sessions to give feedback on a new money management app.

Duesday is a financial technology company based in Liskeard that has developed a smartphone app to help people pay their recurring bills. Building on top of the current direct debit system, it gives people the flexibility to change payment dates, split bills with household members and earn points and discounts for paying early.

Smartline has been working with a variety of Cornish businesses like Duesday, helping them develop their products and services with the ultimate aim of using technology in ways that could make life easier.

Now Duesday are looking for people to take part in 90-minute interviews at a local venue in Redruth in April and May.

Smartline can help arrange transport and contribute to the cost of childcare if required. We will also reward participation by offering a £25 high street voucher for every participant who attends!

You can register your interest with Smartline on 01872 258170 and one of our Smartline researchers will telephone you back to arrange your interview.