Smart and Resilient Communities: Social Innovation and Volunteering

Smart and Resilient Communities: Social Innovation and Volunteering

Sub-theme 2a: Community cohesion and wellbeing

Research Leads: Dr Tim Taylor, Dr Andrew James Williams and Katrina Wyatt
Research Fellow: Kath Maguire

This sub-theme will examine the impact of technology on community cohesion, integration and wellbeing.

Sub-Theme 2b Volunteering and Communities
Research Leads: Professor Catherine Leyshon and Dr Michael Leyshon

To investigate the place based relationships between volunteering, community cohesion, housing and smart technology.

Research Fellow: Dr Tim Walker

Dr Tim Walker is the Volunteer Wellbeing and Community Cohesion Research Fellow. Tim’s role is to research ways to improve volunteer experience and community cohesion along with identifying gaps in management systems leading SME’s to develop new digital products.

  • Key issues in this theme to be examined include:
  • Assessment of community needs (via analysis of Living Well interview notes);
  • Assessment of current geographies of wellbeing and how these might be influenced by future changes to e.g. social care;
  • Community engagement and perceptions of technology solutions (via surveys, focus groups);
  • Assessment of potential community interventions on wellbeing and social cohesion (e.g. messages on the tablet to promote activities);
  • Analysis of social media data to identify community needs (e.g. Twitter); and
  • Wellbeing of volunteers and potential use of apps to help improve wellbeing, service delivery and retention.